On this page you will find over a dozen articles on innovation, creativity, and goal-setting.  Feel free to send these to your friends and colleagues.  Most have appeared in major publications around the world.

How to Create a Culture of Innovation
Creating a culture of innovation requires the creation of 3 portfolios – a portfolio of challenges, a portfolio of solutions, and a portfolio of projects.  When done properly, these can help make your organizations more nimble.

Three Innovation Distinctions
If you want to make innovation repeatable and sustainable, you need to address three key innovation distinctions: 1) Challenges, not ideas, 2) Process, not events, and 3) Diversity, not homogeneity.

Why Statistics Kill Innovation
Data mining, analytics, and statistics are popular in management decision making. But what if a focus on “customer insights” will have you miss bigger opportunities? The answer is a large number of small experiments.

The Performance Paradox
Every organization dreams of finding the magic bullet that will increase creativity, boost productivity, and improve morale. Surprisingly, some of the best solutions are counter-intuitive and run against conventional wisdom.

Lights, Cameras, Action: Innovation ‘Reality TV’ Style
The story of one company’s journey through 8 levels of innovation. Appeared in the Spring 2005 issue of the European Business Forum, an international business magazine.

Unleashing the Inner Innovator
Appeared in the May 2003 issue of Control, the official magazine of the Institute of Operations Management

Innovation as a Weapon in Global Competition
This is a preprint of an article published in the September/October 2002 issue of The Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance. The final version can be found on Wiley’s website

Innovate Your Organization
This is a preprint of an article published in the November/December 2002 issue of Industrial Management, the official magazine of the Institute of Industrial Engineers

Checklist: The 7Rs of Process Innovation

24/7 Innovation and Customer Relationship Management

24/7 Innovation — Accenture Point of View

A chapter that never made it into the book: The Evolution of Innovation

Goal Aricle in O magazine Are Your Goals Holding You Back?

Entepreneur Magazine Goal Free Article Free to Wander

Goal Free Living Article From the book, “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life”