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Struggling to make innovation a reality within your organization? You may be suffering from chronic sameness. Successful innovation efforts require bringing together divergent points of view through a repeatable process. However, most make the fatal flaw of hiring only those people who “fit the company mold.” Sadly, commonality is often valued above individuality, destroying innovation and creative thinking.

Introducing Personality Poker®, the playing card tool for driving high-performance teamwork and innovation.

Created by internationally acclaimed innovation expert Stephen Shapiro, this powerful and fast-paced card game has been played by over 100,000 people in Fortune 500 companies around the world. And it will help your organization create teams that value and foster multiple points of view, allowing for unbridled creativity and innovation.

In Personality Poker, players trade specially-designed cards—each printed with a different character trait—until they’ve created a hand that best describes their own innovation style. Based on the suits, colors, and numbers of the cards, your organization will be able to:

  • Create balanced teams that represent all personality styles (Playing with a Full Deck)
  • Put the right people in the right roles (Playing to Everyone’s Strong Suit)
  • Divide the work in a way that maximizes efficiency (Dealing Out Tasks)
  • Bring together all styles in a way that encourages collaboration (Shuffling the Deck)

Personality Poker is remarkably easy to administer. We have a variety of tools to help you deliver exceptional value each and every time!


To get you going, you want to first buy the Starter Kit. This includes everything you need to conduct your first session with confidence. If you want more help, go for the Starter Kit Plus Support. And once you are rocking and rolling with your efforts, you can also buy decks of cards.

The Personality Poker Starter Kit

This includes everything you need to conduct your first session with confidence and includes 5 decks of cards, videos, the full e-book and more. ++

All for only $197!

The Starter Kit Plus Support

Do you want even more support? In addition to everything in the Starter Kit, you get 1 hour of phone/Skype support from a certified Personality Poker trainer.* Ask the questions that are most important to you, your team, and your organization. ++

All for only $347!

Additional Decks of Cards

Need more cards? You can purchase them in lots 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 decks. All prices include postage (in the Continental United States only**). We recommend one deck for every 5 people playing. For example, 15 decks will accommodate 75 participants. When buying Personality Poker cards, you are committing to abide by our terms and conditions.

Personality Poker Decks

If you want to buy the Personality Poker book in hardcover with a deck of cards attached (it makes a great gift for corporate events), we sold nearly 5,000 books and have less than 10 cases of 24 remaining. Learn more here

++ When buying Personality Poker cards, you are committing to abide by our terms of agreement.

If you want the best possible experience for your team/audience, bring Stephen Shapiro to speak at your next event. Your audience will be on their feet, smiling and learning!
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* This is for one one-hour session. A mutually agreed upon date/time will be arranged after purchase.

**  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. If rush or international orders are required, please contact us at orders (at) personalitypoker (dot) com. For international deliveries, the buyer is responsible for any import duties. We were not responsible for any delays caused by the shipper or customs.