As you embark on your innovation journey, you will want expert and unbiased advice to guide you through the process.  We offer a number of packages that can be modified to meet your specific needs.

Basic Advisory Package – If you want to tap into Stephen’s experience, our Advisory Package allows you to keep Stephen on retainer and gives you unlimited access to him via email and phone.  This is an advisory service and does not include the creation of any documents or detailed reviews.  This service works best as an add-on to other work.

Advisory Plus Package – This package adds a 2-day up-front planning session to the Basic Advisory Package.  The objective is to review documents, discuss options, and develop a high-level strategy.  Stephen also provides a few hours of preparation work in advance of the planning session to come up to speed on your innovation efforts.

Catalyst Package – This includes everything in the “advisory plus package,” and adds on a scheduled 2-hour call every other week (12 in total).  These calls are more in depth than those included in the retainer package. This on-going support helps guide you through the process on a continual basis.  Additional trips/calls can be added on as needed. This is the most popular package.

Full Support – This option allows us to create the necessary deliverables described in our methodology and includes 24 days of dedicated support over the 6-month period (a day per week on average):

  • A two-day trip to your office every month (on average, typically front-loaded). This time is used for challenge reviews, on-site assessments, brainstorming, blueprint creation, as well as training and other support.  We use part of this time to develop your “master blackbelts.”
  • 12 days of scheduled calls and email support.  Unlike the other options, this is dedicated support where we conduct interviews, create deliverables, and support the team.
  • The support provided in the Retainer Package

This is not a traditional consulting model.  Instead, our primary role is to orchestrate the work being done. To ensure success, we would identify one or two full-time dedicated resources from your organization to partner with us.  These individuals would operate as an extension of our team.  This allows us to transfer our knowledge to them so that they can learn the methodology and continue the work after we leave.

For even greater support, we have partnerships with “traditional” consultants that we can recommend – and work closely with.

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