Our advisory packages only engage those who directly work with the consultants.  But what if you want to keep everyone in your organization involved?  This is the key to making innovation sustainable.

Our Innovation Sustainability Program is designed to give all of your employees access to groundbreaking insights and perspectives.  The goal is to support people when they need help making innovation stick in their organization.  It is an on-demand, multi-faceted learning system that is customized to meet your specific needs.

This is typically a year-long program that includes:

  • Quarterly live teleseminars or webinars, personally conducted by Stephen Shapiro
  • Regularly scheduled videos that can be sent to all employees; or access to our video library for on-demand use
  • Articles that can be posted on your intranet or emailed to employees

This, augmented with an advisory package, helps address your real-time innovation needs.

How effective are Stephen’s webinars? Just ask IndustryWeek Magazine: The audience loved you and the feedback was amazingly positive.  Just to give you an idea of how positive it was, during IndustryWeek’s webcasts (which we typically do once a week) and all of our online conferences, we collect data on a lot of these same questions.  The presenter rating you received – 4.52 – was one of the highest of all time.  We’ve only seen maybe a dozen speakers (out of 250+ presenters we’ve tracked since 2005) surpass the 4.0 mark, so to see a number above 4.5 is wonderful.”

For a list of some past teleseminars, click here.

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