little book of big innovation ideas by stephen shapiro

Little Book of BIG Innovation Ideas
75 BIG Innovation Ideas for Turning Creativity into Profitability

Increase the amount of INNOVATION IDEAS developed within your organization.

Enhance your own personal innovation and creativity.

Get over 75 tips for turning creativity into profitability by applying the impactful lessons in Stephen Shapiro’s Little Book of BIG Innovation Ideas.

This compact, yet powerful 100 page book will help your organization to…
   – Make innovation ideas repeatable and sustainable
– Increase the creative and innovation potential of employees
– Create a culture of innovation throughout your organization

The 75 tips are organized around three levels of innovation:
   1. Innovation as an event (creative thinking)
   2. Innovation as a process (repeatable innovation)
   3. Innovation as a capability (embedded innovation)

Apply just one of these innovation ideas and you will rapidly increase profits.

Apply all 75 innovation ideas, and you will create a culture of innovation, entrepreneurial thinking, turn-on-a-dime flexibility, and organic growth at every level of your organization on a perpetual basis.

Please note: with the publication of Stephen’s latest book, Best Practices Are Stupid, the Little Book of BIG Innovation Ideas is no longer available for purchase.

However, we do have a limited supply that we provide to clients when Stephen is booked to speak at their events. Connect with us here to learn more.