Books in Portuguese

Best Practices Are Stupid is now available in Portuguese.  One version is for Brazil and the other for Portugal.  

Book in Dutch

I just received my copy of “Best Practices Are Stupid” in Dutch.  More translations are on their way!

Books in Chinese

I’m please to announce that both Personality Poker and Best Practices Are Stupid  are now available in Chinese.  I love the cover designs, especially the cat on the Best Practices Are Stupid book.

Best Practices Are Stupid #1 in Canada

Currently, Best Practices are Stupid is the best selling business book in Canada.

Southwest Airlines Magazine Article

Last month (November), Best Practices Are Stupid, was featured in Southwest Airline’s Spirit Magazine.  Now that it is no longer on planes and can’t be found on the internet, I figured it was time to share the article with the readers of this blog.  They did such a...

Making Connections

One of my favorite topics is to discuss how breakthroughs are generated by looking for someone who has solved a similar problem in a different space. Some examples I talk about in my “Best Practices Are Stupid” books are: A company developed a new type of whitening...

“Best Practices Are Stupid” Named One of the Best in 2011

I’m pleased that the American Express OPEN Forum (via Matthew E. May) selected Best Practices Are Stupid as one of the top 15 books of 2011.  Check out the complete list Also, Best Practices Are Stupid  was selected as one of the “Top-Drawer Business Books of...

Best Practices Are Stupid on ABC News…and more

My new book, Best Practices Are Stupid, has been all over the news lately.  Here’s just a small sample… Interview on ABC News (click video above) Review on - “Why your company (probably) can’t innovate” Best Practices Are Stupid on the...

TODAY! “Best Practices Are Stupid” is available

I am excited because today my 5th book, Best Practices Are Stupid: 40 Ways to Out-Innovate the Competition, is published by Penguin.  You can watch a short video about the book.  And after you are done, you can watch even more videos on our new website,

My New Mantra

Chris Martin created this cool graphic that is the mantra for my new book.  As you can see, it includes the url for our soon to be launched website.