Are you ready for innovation? Our readiness assessment will help you determine the opportunities for speeding and de-risking your innovation efforts.

Our innovation assessment is based on our Innovation Capability Model.  We look at everything ranging from your strategy and measures, to your process, supporting technology, organization structure, motivation techniques, competencies, and more.

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Our overall innovation philosophy is based on a “learn by doing” approach. Therefore, instead of an in-depth innovation assessment that only gives you some PowerPoint slides, our approach is designed to quickly get us a 10,000-foot view of the current state of innovation within your organization. We interview 10 – 20 people and review various strategy documents. We gather both a qualitative and quantitative understanding so that the approach we take and the solutions we design will meet the needs and be appropriate to your situation.

If a more in-depth assessment is desired, we can certainly accommodate.

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