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Thriving in a World of Uncertainty, Disruption, and AI

with Hall of Fame Speaker, Stephen Shapiro

Accelerating Innovation. 
Creating Stability.

Thriving in a World of Uncertainty, Disruption, and AI

with Hall of Fame Speaker, Stephen Shapiro

How can your organization keep up with the increasing pace of change?

Focus on stability rather than predictability. 

Predicting the future is impossible. But we can create a stable foundation for our business, employees, customers, and lives. 

The key is to focus on what’s “now” rather than what’s next

Instead of obsessing about what will change, focus on what won’t and shouldn’t change

By emphasizing and deeply investing in what matters most, you can build a powerful organization that combines adaptability with stability.

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Why Innovation Is So Important to Me—and the World

I started playing the saxophone and studying magic at the age of nine. These two endeavors helped me master improvisation and the art of making the impossible possible.

After getting an Industrial Engineering degree from Cornell University, I joined the management consulting firm Accenture. Early in my career, I focused on business efficiency work, known as process reengineering.

However, I soon realized that optimizing a company’s processes often led to workforce downsizing. When ten thousand people were to be laid off due to the reengineering efforts of one of my projects, I had an existential crisis.

I could no longer do work that negatively impacted so many lives.

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I walked off the project and took a leave of absence. After several months of reflection, I came to realize that instead of eliminating jobs, I wanted to create them.

I chose to dedicate my business life to helping companies grow through innovation.

It was then that I founded and led a 20,000-person innovation practice at Accenture.

Although innovation wasn’t a popular topic in corporate hallways in 1995, thirty years later, it’s on everyone’s lips. However, few still truly know how to execute it effectively. 

That is why I created my FAST Innovation® process and Mastery Program.  These will help you and your organization accelerate the way you innovate.

FAST Innovation

Our FAST Innovation® model creates clarity and stability by focusing innovation efforts on the biggest and most relevant opportunities. This process drives significant improvements in innovation ROI over traditional methods. FAST stands for Focus, Ask, Shift, Test:

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Innovate where you differentiate
To drive stability and maximize impact, you need to know where to double down your investments.
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Don’t think outside the box; find a better box
Everyone will be equipped to reveal hidden solutions to difficult problems by asking better questions.
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Expertise is the enemy of innovation
Your teams will find breakthrough solutions faster through effective collaboration and by looking beyond their areas of expertise.
Experiment & Implement
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Don’t fail; experiment
Don’t glorify failure. Instead, embrace effective experimentation as a means of reducing risk.

Repeatable and Predictable Results in an Unpredictable World

Stephen doesn’t just talk innovation, he lives it.

He led a 20,000-person innovation practice at Accenture, and he can make it a reality for your organization.

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Engage Your Audience

Transform how your organization tackles innovation, technology, and disruption with customized keynotes that will engage and challenge your audience.
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Create a Culture of Innovation

Build your innovation engine with our FAST Innovation Mastery Program, designed to help your organization accelerate the way you innovate.
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Reveal Hidden Opportunties

Discover a systemic approach for solving difficult business problems and tapping into critical opportunities with this powerful book.
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Create Diverse Innovation Teams

Build high performing innovation teams that embrace divergent thinking. This interactive experience will ensure your organization can have a winning hand.

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PIVOTAL: Creating Stability in an Uncertain World

In a world where pivoting has become the norm, PIVOTAL offers a refreshing alternative: focus on what remains constant to forge deeper customer connections and generate enduring value.  

In a world filled with bright, shiny objects, this book helps you distinguish real opportunities from mere distractions. 

Becoming pivotal means being irreplaceable.

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