FAST Innovation®Accelerate the Way You Innovate

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with Hall of Fame Speaker, Stephen Shapiro



How can your organization keep up with the increasing pace of change?

Build an innovation engine that moves faster than external change

An engine that can help your organization solve any problem or opportunity – today and tomorrow – supported by a culture of innovation where everyone understands how to maximize their contribution.

Accelerate the way you innovate

Stephen’s innovation programs are designed to help any organization significantly increase performance by uncovering hidden opportunities. His FAST Innovation® model drives tenfold improvements in innovation ROI over traditional methods:

  • Focus – Innovate where you differentiate: Stephen will help you clarify your differentiator, and enable you use it as a tool to prioritize investments.
  • Ask – Don’t think outside the box; find a better box: Everyone will be equipped to reveal hidden solutions to difficult problems by asking better questions.
  • Shift – Expertise is the enemy of innovation: Your teams will find breakthrough solutions faster through effective collaboration and by looking beyond their areas of expertise.
  • Test – Don’t fail; experiment: Don’t glorify failure. Instead, embrace effective experimentation as a means of reducing risk.

This process is detailed in Stephen’s latest book, Invisible Solutions: 25 Lenses that Reframe and Help Solve Difficult Business Problems.

Stephen doesn’t just talk innovation, he lives it.
He led a 20,000-person innovation practice at Accenture,
and he can make it a reality for your organization.

Stephen’s passion for innovation is infectious. His mandate to focus innovation relentlessly on well-articulated problems has caused an internal shift in mindset and approach for our innovators. Stephen delivers both in a way that is truly inspirational and actionable.

Laurie Heltsley, Director of Innovation and Strategic Projects, Procter & Gamble

Stephen brought incredible energy and highly relevant messages that made it possible for us to rethink our innovation principles and extend them to our customer-facing functions … Stephen has a fun and highly infectious style and could be an asset to any organization trying to make innovation a reality.

Robin Torgerson, Vice President of U.S. Sales Excellence, 3M

Your interactive presentation captivated the audience and received great feedback from attendees.

Steve Craft, Deputy Director of Strategic Relations Office, NASA

Using 25 lenses, Stephen Shapiro shows the innovation community how they can solve important problems using commonsense solutions hidden in plain sight!

Navin Kunde, innovation leader, The Clorox Company

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