The 30-Day Innovation Challenge

Reinforcing the Innovation Message

The 30-Day Innovation Challenge

You hire a speaker. Everyone leaves the event motivated. And then what?
You hire a speaker. Everyone leaves the event motivated. And then what?

One study shows that immediately after a 10-minute presentation, listeners only remembered 50% of the content. A day later that number dropped to 25%, a week later it was 10%, and as the days passed, everyone forgot everything altogether.

Of course, some speeches are more memorable than others. Regardless, people need a constant reminder while on the job to put concepts into action and to build new habits.

I’ve spent the past 18 months developing a fundamentally new way of reinforcing content after my speech. I call it the 30-Day Innovation Challenge.

Introducing our 30-Day Innovation Challenge

After attending my speech or workshop, every audience member can participate in a month-long mobile competition. Each day following the speech, a question will be sent to the attendees’ smart phones/computers via text message or email. This tests their understanding of innovation and recollection of the approach presented during my speech. Players earn points for correct answers. Points are deducted for incorrect answers or taking too long to answer. Bonus points are given for strings of correct answers.

Each question is followed by a 1-minute educational video expanding upon the content. We also provide a transcription of the video so that they can play in noisy public areas.

The leaderboard shows everyone’s score as they are competing against each other.

Bonus points can even be awarded by supervisors to individuals who demonstrate the application of innovative thinking on the job.

After 30 days, a winner is declared and a prize is awarded.

This process takes just two-minutes a day (they can play while waiting for their latte at Starbucks, so no excuses for not participating!) and is a fundamentally different way of educating your employees after the conclusion of an event.

Gamification helps stimulate a healthy competition and continues to build connections between individuals. The bonus points reward on-the-job behavioral change. And the library of 30 videos is available to review at any time. We can even swap out some of the questions to focus on your company or industry, making it even more relevant to attendees.

Our 30-Day Innovation Challenge will cause you to fundamentally rethink the value you get from your speaker – before, during and after – the speech.

What if you don’t have an event planned? No problem! The 30 Day Innovation Challenge is a great eLearning experience on its own. Or, better yet, use it in conjunction with one or more of Stephen’s webinars.

Participating clients in the 30-Day Innovation Challenge include 3M, Marriott, The Conference Board, Capital One, and many others.