NEW BOOK: Pivotal: Creating Stability in an Uncertain World 

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Innovation Insights
by Stephen Shapiro

The Pivot

A Pivot is Not What You Think It Is

Imagine a brightly lit stage. The speaker comes out and says nothing for 30 seconds. He is holding a basketball, which he begins to bounce a few times. The sound resonates through the room, and the audience wonders what’s going to happen next.

He then demonstrates a classic basketball move: the pivot.

He proceeds to say:

When executing a pivot, in basketball, just like in business, all eyes are on the foot moving in circles. It’s about the change in direction. The movement.

During the pandemic, we had to shift our focus. People couldn’t visit our stores and restaurants, and safety became the number one priority. And then supply chain issues caused further adjustments. Interest rates, labor shortages, and new technologies all caused us to make additional shifts. When we think of a pivot, we focus on the changes we need to make.

But what most people don’t realize is that there is a foot firmly planted to the ground. One that doesn’t move. One that provides a solid foundation for all of the necessary change.

Although all eyes are on the foot that is moving, the planted foot is the one that is most important. It is what provides stability in an uncertain and ever-changing world.

It’s time to go from non-stop pivoting to being pivotal. Being pivotal means you are of crucial importance to others: your customers, employees, and partners. To do this, you need to recognize the power of the planted foot.

What you just read is the opening for my speech, which is based on my new book, PIVOTAL: Creating Stability in an Uncertain World.

PIVOTAL provides perspectives on what doesn’t and shouldn’t change. When you lean into these, you can leverage them to create power in your life and organization.

Look at your business and ask yourself, “What doesn’t change? What shouldn’t change? What do we do better than anyone else that will stand the test of time? Which of our current capabilities can create exponential value in the future? Where should we double down on what is our differentiator?”

Whether you are an individual, entrepreneur, or corporation, you want to consider the mantra: Innovate Where You Differentiate.

Determine what you do that creates the greatest value today and tomorrow, and put your energies there.

PIVOTAL, coming to a bookstore – and stage – near you!