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by Stephen Shapiro

me signing books

Book Publishing Resources I’ve Compiled After Publishing Seven Books

How can you get your book done and published? My seventh book will be published in less than a week. During a conversation with a friend, I reflected on some of the tools and resources

Radio Flyer wagon

Radio Flyer is PIVOTAL!

One week from today, PIVOTAL: Creating Stability in an Uncertain World will be in bookstores. Given that today is International Day of Play, sharing this excerpt seems quite appropriate. Enjoy! When seeking stability, look no

Dan Pink Endorsement

PIVOTAL Endorsements

PIVOTAL launches in less than a week. But the reviews of the pre-release version are fantastic! “Shapiro has written a grounded book for dizzying times. His simple yet profound framework combines stability and agility to

The Pivot

A Pivot is Not What You Think It Is

Imagine a brightly lit stage. The speaker comes out and says nothing for 30 seconds. He is holding a basketball, which he begins to bounce a few times. The sound resonates through the room, and

game changer

Not Changing the Game Can be a Game-Changer

We are less than four weeks away from the formal launch of PIVOTAL. Here’s the last paragraph from the book’s introduction: “You are pivotal. Your business is pivotal. And for you to remain pivotal, you

Dan Pink Endorsement

Dan Pink’s Endorsement of PIVOTAL

I am a huge fan of Dan Pink’s work. And therefore, I was thrilled when he wrote this endorsement for PIVOTAL. “Shapiro has written a grounded book for dizzying times. His simple yet profound framework

now vs next

Bill Belichick on Now vs Next

In PIVOTAL, I discuss the benefits of focusing on “now” rather than “next. A great story from Bill Belichick, former New England Patriots Head Coach, illustrates this. In 2004, the team broke all records for

Impactful Games

My New Venture: Impactful Games

This past week, I turned 60. For many, this marks a time to retire. For me, it represents the time to launch a new business. For several months, I’ve been deeply reflecting on my life’s

me and leonid

New Beginnings at 60

I saw Leonid & Friends perform their musical magic this past Saturday night. If you are unfamiliar with them, they are a world-famous Russian band that performs the music of Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire,

pivotal preorder on amazon

Pre-Order PIVOTAL on Amazon

PIVOTAL is now available on Amazon for pre-order. You can order the hardcover or Kindle version. The audiobook version will be coming soon. The book will formally launch two months from today. Get your copy

pivotal on bookcase

PIVOTAL is here!

Today I received two boxes of the PIVOTAL book. The book looks amazing! Beautiful spot gloss on the cover. Full-color interior. Looks great on the bookshelf. I’ll post some nicer photos that better highlight its

PIVOTAL Endorsement from Deloitte’s Chief Futurist

The early reviews of PIVOTAL have been awesome. Here’s a cool endorsement from Mike Bechtel, Chief Futurist at Deloitte Consulting and adjunct Professor of Corporate Innovation at the University of Notre Dame. “‘Read not the

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