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pivotal preorder on amazon

Pre-Order PIVOTAL on Amazon

PIVOTAL is now available on Amazon for pre-order. You can order the hardcover or Kindle version. The audiobook version will be coming soon. The book will formally launch two months from today. Get your copy

pivotal on bookcase

PIVOTAL is here!

Today I received two boxes of the PIVOTAL book. The book looks amazing! Beautiful spot gloss on the cover. Full-color interior. Looks great on the bookshelf. I’ll post some nicer photos that better highlight its

PIVOTAL Endorsement from Deloitte’s Chief Futurist

The early reviews of PIVOTAL have been awesome. Here’s a cool endorsement from Mike Bechtel, Chief Futurist at Deloitte Consulting and adjunct Professor of Corporate Innovation at the University of Notre Dame. “‘Read not the

PIVOTAL Preface Video

I now have the final version of the audiobook for PIVOTAL! To share the Preface, I decided to create a video using Pictory. Yes, this is my real voice – unlike a version I shared

The PIVOTAL Audiobook – free sample!

Now that the audiobook is finalized, I wanted to offer everyone a sample of the content. Click here to get the audiobook version of the preface and introduction. Those sections set the stage for the

Mindmap of the PIVOTAL Table of Contents

What does it mean to be pivotal? The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “Of crucial importance in relation to the development or success of something else.” The Cambridge Dictionary says it is “Important because

from to pivotal

What Does It Mean to Be PIVOTAL?

We live in uncertain times. It’s hard to know what to do next. But in a world of chaos, we need stability, predictability,  and certainty. Although the future is unknown, our past gives clues as

ice cream min

Unilever Makes a PIVOTAL Move

Unilever just announced it is spinning off its ice cream division, which includes the colorful and controversial Ben and Jerry’s brand. This will enable Unilever to focus on what it does best while avoiding distractions.

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PIVOTAL Available for Pre-Release

SPECIAL OFFER! My 7th book, PIVOTAL: Creating Stability in an Uncertain World, will be available in about three months. But I don’t want you to wait until then to get access. So if you buy

new website

Welcome to my new website!

This week we launched my new website. I’m still learning the “ropes,” so I might be slow in posting for a little while. On this site, you will find all of the same content from

SS Blog New Subtitle for PIVOTAL

New Subtitle for PIVOTAL

As we got one step closer to the publication of my seventh book, we decided at the last minute that we needed a new subtitle. The old one, “Mastering Depth in an Era of Perpetual

SS Blog Book Cover Reveal for PIVOTAL

Book Cover Reveal for PIVOTAL

As we get one step closer to the publication of my seventh book, it is time to reveal its cover. Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing some awesome endorsements the book has received.

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