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Pivotal: Mastering Depth in a World of Distraction

Innovate Where You Differentiate

In a world where pivoting has become the norm, Pivotal offers a refreshing alternative: focus on what remains constant to forge deeper customer connections and generate enduring value. This book will help you master the art of:

  • crafting timeless differentiators
  • strategically prioritizing investments
  • cultivating a culture of differentiation that ignites employee engagement and value creation
  • applying the principles to both individuals and organizations

Pivotal delves into the vital link between an organization doubling down on its differentiator and becoming indispensable to customers. It’s about strengthening relationships and creating long-term sustainable value in a world where disruptive technologies and shifting business models are the norm. This isn’t just about standing out; it’s about balancing the need for stability and agility in a ceaselessly evolving landscape.


NOTE: This book will be published in 2024. At that time, it will have a new title, subtitle, and cover.