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AI Generation of Audio and Video

SS Blog AI Generation of Audio and Video

I’m playing around with Pictory, an AI software that generates voices from text, and then selects videos that match the text. The first version of the video was generated with no edits. I used the defaults for everything. It literally took less than one minute to create it. I uploaded a text summary of my […]

AI Inbreeding

SS Blog AI Inbreeding

AI is creating massive amounts of content quickly. And a lot of this ends up getting posted on the internet. This got me thinking about the future of Large Language Models (LLMs). At some point, a large percentage of content on the internet will be AI-generated. And if the LLMs continue to be trained using […]

My Baggage Claim Story and ChatGPT


Like millions of others, I have been playing around with ChatGPT. In an earlier post, I asked it some generic questions and got some generic responses. So I decided to put it to the test and see how it would do with my Invisible Solutions content. Can the AI system reframe problems better than the […]

Some AI Fun

a person with an idea

I’m playing around with various AI softwares. Just for fun. One is DreamStudio Just give a brief description of what you want it to create, and it does it. Not always well. But it tries. To be clear, the system does not copy and paste of stock photos. These are generated from scratch. Therefore each […]

5 Misconceptions about AI that are Slowing Your Business Down

Artificial Intelligence (AI) landing page design, hi tech blockchain network on neural network background.

Today’s post is from a brilliant friend of mine, Paul Golding. I first met him over a decade ago when he was a technology wizard for 02, a large UK mobile provider. Since then, he has continued to stay on the leading edge of a variety of technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this article, Paul […]