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Today I was quoted in CIO magazine’s article entitled, “The Role of IT in Innovation: Friend or Foe?” (click the title to read the article)

I was recently interviewed for SellingCrossing about my thoughts on selling. You can read the interview by clicking here.

Well, at least that is the claim of journalist Oliver Burkeman.  And maybe he is right.  In today’s Guardian (a British newspaper), he wrote: “One of the most stress-inducing books I’ve ever read is called GOALS!, by the management expert Brian Tracy. It’s not about football. It’s about achieving your GOALS! in life – and […]

There was an interesting article in last week’s Wall Street Journal. It discusses the concept of a mulligan — or “do-over” — in your career. Starting over fresh with something new. It addresses one of the big challenges: trusting that things will work out…however they work out. Remember, Goal-Free Living is not about doing what […]

In Tuesday’s (April 11) Investor’s Business Daily, there is a great article on Goal-Free Living. Due to copyright restrictions, I can’t include the whole article. Here is the intro… While goals are undoubtedly some of the most effective means of triggering action, it’s important not to get too single-minded and limit your opportunities. So says […]

Check out the April issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, now in stores. On page 22 you will find a full page interview with me. You will also find an embarrassingly large photo of yours truly. NOTE: It is on page 22 of the main magazine, not the special insert

Goal-Free Living was featured on the front page of yesterday’s Chicago Tribune career section. [article no longer on site]

There’s an article in today’s Boston Globe (and about 20 other papers) with a reference to Goal-Free Living. It starts out… Find your voice, and then use it by Dale Dauten “When you wake up tomorrow morning, make believe you are another person — an artist, a musician, or a doctor. It doesn’t matter, as […] has a new quiz entitled, “Ready to Start a Business?” Depending on your score, you might find that Goal-Free Living is the solution. Take this quiz and see if the time is right for you to start making your vision a reality So you dream of quitting your job and building a business from […]

The response to the O, The Oprah Magazine article about Goal-Free Living (written by Dawn Raffel, Executive Articles Editor for the magazine) was overwhelming. Several of the letters to the editor were shared with me. All were incredibly inspiring. In this month’s O, they published one of those letters. Enjoy. My love for O was […]

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