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Taming Your Collar

high school graduation

I am known for wearing funky shirts by Robert Graham, Bugatchi, and English Laundry. I guess I always liked to be a little funky as evidenced by my high school graduation picture. Back in the late-70’s/early-80’s, the wide lapel was the “in thing.” And I guess the man necklace was too. Then again, I performed […]

One of the Top 50 Innovation Blogs

Top 50 Badge

Here’s a little self-promotion. This blog was selected was one of the top 50 Innovation Blogs on the Planet by Feedspot. (their words, not mine) I’m not sure how they determined this (my guess it is purely quantitative as I can’t imagine Feedspot can assess the quality). Although I am honored to be on the […]

John C. McGinley on Memorizing Scripts

John C. McGinley, best known for his role as Dr. Cox on “Scrubs” was interviewed on The Opie and Anthony Show. He was asked how he memorizes a script. He gave three steps: He writes the entire script by hand. This helps cement the words in his head. In the column, he writes down the […]

In March, You Can Have Your Pi and Eat Cheese Doodles Too

Today’s Friday Fun Fact… St. Patty’s Day is right around the corner.  It’s time to break out the corned beef and cabbage –  that is assuming that you are not too full from eating pie this past Thursday.  Wednesday, March 14th was Worldwide Pi Day.  And while we may celebrate this auspicious occasion by consuming […]

Real-World Know-It-Alls

Today’s Friday Fun Fact… We all have knowledge that has allowed us to excel in different areas of our life.  But as I had discussed in my Monday Morning Movie, sometimes this knowledge can be the very thing that gets in the way of our success. But if managed properly, intelligence can be leverage to […]

Innovation Costs on $0.50

I saw this sign while driving in Orlando.  It caught my attention.  As it turns out, there is very little innovation going on at Innovation Way.  Maybe they need to raise the toll.

Making Your Products/Services Affordable and Accessible

One of my last blog entries discussed the need to create affordable and accessible solutions to stay competitive. Given globalization, cheap labor, and a damaged economy, this makes more sense than ever. Here are three starter questions to ask to help you generate new ideas: How can you productize a service? One way to make […]

L Vaughn Spencer – Very Funny

A good friend of mine, Neil Mullarkey (yes, that’s his real name), is one of the funniest people I know.  He, Mike Myers, and a couple of other guys founded the Comedy Store Players (an improv comedy group) in London.  I have seen Neil perform dozens of times.  Always fantastic!  I even spent a day […]

The Origin of Spam

You may wonder how spam got its name.  No, I am not referring to the annoying emails we get.  I am referring to the canned pork product that pre-dated the internet. In a classic Straight Dope article from 10 years ago, Cecil writes that the name is short for “spiced ham.” Supposedly there was a […]

Goal-Free Fun

In a previous blog entry, I describe how games can turn work into play.  The key is to choose a game that resonates with you. Here’s a bit from the Simpsons that shows that not all games are fun. Bart forgot his permission slip, so he was unable to visit the chocolate factory.  Instead, he was […]