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During my travels, I took pictures of signs with my BlackBerry.  Some are funny.  Some are creative.  And some are just plain silly.  Regardless, all make me laugh.  Click on the thumbnail to see the full size picture.

One of my last blog entries discussed the need to create affordable and accessible solutions as a way of staying competitive. Given  globalization, cheap labor, and a damanged economy, this makes more sense than ever. Here are three starter questions to ask to help you generate new ideas: How can you productize a service? One […]

A good friend of mine, Neil Mullarkey (yes, that’s his real name), is one of the funniest people I know.  He, Mike Myers, and a couple of other guys founded the Comedy Store Players (an improv comedy group) in London.  I have seen Neil perform dozens of times.  Always fantastic!  I even spent a day […]

You may wonder how spam got its name.  No, I am not referring to the annoying emails we get.  I am referring to the canned pork product that pre-dated the internet. In a classic Straight Dope article from 10 years ago, Cecil writes that the name is short for “spiced ham.” Supposedly there was a […]

In a previous blog entry, I describe how games can turn work into play.  The key is to choose a game that resonates with you. Here’s a bit from the Simpsons that shows that not all games are fun. Bart forgot his permission slip, so he was unable to visit the chocolate factory.  Instead, he was […]

Well, actually it is “goal-less” humor. In the movie “Dodgeball,” there is a funny conversation between Kate Veatch (played by Christine Taylor) and Peter La Fleur (played by Vince Vaughn): Kate: I’m curious, is it strictly apathy? Or do you really not have a goal in life? Peter: I found that if you have a […]

I put together a simple test that takes less than 2 minutes to complete. It tests your ability to perform a seemingly straight-forward activity. Want to give it a try? Click here to launch the video (WMV format – 7Meg) There is audio associated with the video, but the test can easily be done without […]

I lived in London for 4 years. I found the British to be a bit more proper and reserved than the typical outgoing American. In an effort to explain the differences between these two cultures, I sometimes use my favorite dessert metaphor: chocolate. The British are like M&Ms. Their tough outer coating (“stiff upper lip”) […]

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Creativity is often about solving problems with non-linear thinking. One of my favorite techniques for warming up the brain is the use of “lateral” brain teasers. These are questions that can not be solved via traditional logic. Rather they require you to surface and challenge assumptions. Here are ten lateral brain teasers to get you […]

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