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In a previous blog entry, I wrote about my “30 day challenge.” The purpose of that was to disconnect you from email. Well, today I have a new – yet shorter – challenge. It only takes 90 minutes. I live near the ocean, and when I am home (which is not often), I like to walk […]

I just had a conversation with a consulting firm that specializes in B2C innovation. Now they are being asked to do some B2B innovation. They asked me, “What’s the difference between innovation in a B2B and a B2C environment?” Although in many respects, the innovation efforts are similar, there are quite a few differences which […]

While in Asia, I heard a great expression, “Before You Can Multiply, You Must First Learn to Divide.”  I now find myself using this saying nearly every day. The idea is that if you want to grow your business, you must learn to partner with others – and give them a slice.  This means you […]

  Last night I was on “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch” on CNBC.  I was there to discuss how to save your job during a down economy.  I had a number of tips prepared, but due to limited time, I was only able to give 2.  Here are my 7 “big ideas” for saving your job […]

Just in case you don’t already have enough to read….  Here are two lists with hundreds of great blogs you should consider reading.  My website has been selected for both, so I am slighly biased… HR World’s The Top 100 Management and Leadership Blogs That All Managers Should Bookmark David Zinger’s Favorite 300 Blogs

There is one thing I realized early in my speaking career: being a great speaker does not mean you will necessarily have a great speaking business. This past weekend I gave a presentation on how to have a great speaking business. Although my tips were targeted at speaking professionals, they are relevant to anyone in […]

Last night I attended an event where three presenters shared examples of how “New Media” has become a powerful marketing tool. Here are my three favorites. The best video series award goes to the “Will It Blend” videos. Done as a viral marketing campaign, Blendtec, a small blender manufacturer, developed dozens of 90 second videos. […]

Although I rarely write about politics, the current Presidential campaigns are giving us some interesting examples of psychological manipulation. For example, this morning’s newspaper’s headline was, “(Obama) says Clinton’s attacks paved way for her big night.” It is believed that Hillary’s negative campaign helped her win key states. Why does mudslinging work? Why do people […]

My previous entry focused on innovation as a way of helping you stand out in a crowd. I also discussed how wearing a bathrobe at a black tie event can have the same effect. In my Goal-Free Living book, I interviewed a successful entrepreneur (and now a good friend), Mikki Williams. Mikki is the master […]

When you think of great leaders, what traits come to mind? Honest? Competent? Inspirational? Courageous? Fair? Looks like a leader? Although that last one is typically not found on lists of leadership characteristics, looks may be related to one’s leadership style. In an interesting article published in The Economist, researchers found that students could determine […]

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