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Today’s Friday Fun Fact… My Monday Morning Movie discussed some concepts from my book, Goal-Free Living. I have long questioned the practice of goal setting.  My book (published in 2006) challenged traditional thinking about goal setting and discusses how we can not only succeed in business (and life) but to do so while achieving great happiness and satisfaction. […]

Here is the transcription for my Monday Morning Movie… Back in 2003, I took a cross country trip that would forever change my life. On June 5th of that year I hopped into my car, and I drove 11,000 miles over the next 90 days without any plans at all. It was totally unscripted. I […]

Today’s Monday Morning Movie… Back in 2003 I drove across the country with no plans and no agenda. It turned out to be a life changing experience. After that trip, I wrote Goal-Free Living. In this video I discuss two concepts from the book: “Use a Compass, Not a Map” and “Remain Detached.”

Some will claim that a component to happiness and success involves detachment.  That is, not worrying about how things turn out. But this is easier said than done! People want what they want.  And the more you try to not want something, the more you focus on it. How do you break this cycle? While working […]

As readers of this blog know, back in November 2005, I was on the cover of O Magazine.  No, my face was not on the magazine. But an article talking about my Goal-Free Living philosophy was featured on the cover. The picture to the right is the actual cover from back then. You will notice an article titled, […]

Anyone who follows this blog knows that the New Year is my favorite time for reflecting on the past and creating the future. If you have not read my article on “Making Resolutions That Work,” please do so.  Or, if you prefer, you can read the variant of this article that appeared in the Wall […]

For many years now, I have thrown away the concept of the traditional New Year’s Resolution.  In its place I have used themes that guide me through the year.  These themes are not specific destinations or goals, but are rather guideposts that help me make smart decisions.  In using this approach, I become more “present […]

Many years back, I led classes on Stephen Covey’s “Principle Centered Leadership” for Accenture’s managers. Over 75 percent of the attendees said that achieving balance in their life was their number one reason for taking the course. This is not surprising given the fast pace of life today. But what does balance mean? Balance implies two […]

If you have been around for a while, you might recall the Hertz commercials from the 70s where the ex-football star and criminal, O.J. Simpson, is running through airports hurdling over rows of departure lounge seats and luggage. I know of other road warriors who also run through airports, priding themselves in being able to […]

  This article was published on the American Express OPEN Forum.  The title you see here on this blog was rejected by them and replaced with “The Art of Decision Making.”  I decided to retain the original. This has been updated slightly since the original post.  A recent Wall Street Journal article said that “for […]

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