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It is so difficult to see our own blind spots, which is why clients hire me to help illuminate theirs. Of course that’s stating the obvious since if we could see them they wouldn’t be blind spots! So let’s call them “missed opportunities that are right in front of our noses” – or MOTARIFOON. Sadly […]

I was recently interviewed by Rick Morris for his “Work Life Balance” podcast. He was in the audience of an event where we were playing Personality Poker. He’s always been a fan of personality testing so he asked me to be on his show. I think you will enjoy the casual back and forth banter. […]

Personality Poker®: The Playing Card Tool for Driving High-Performance Teamwork and Innovation is unlike any other book. And now you can get a case of them for less than the cost of one copy on! Yes, the book is jam packed with examples and scientific studies on teamwork, collaboration and innovation.

Last week, I made a guest appearance on USA Network’s show, “Partners in Crime.” This reality show follows the lives of two very colorful criminal attorneys, Mario and Lou. In this episode, the law firm’s staff are complaining about Mario and it is decided that an intervention is needed. I am brought in to hopefully […]

This Wednesday, October 22, be sure to watch “Partners in Crimes” on USA Network at 11:30PM ET (check your local listings for your time). During this episode, you will see yours truly playing Personality Poker with Mario, Lou, and the office staff. Here’s the show description from USA Network: The Office Guru – Mario hires a workplace guru […]

Today’s Wednesday Work Wisdom… Personality Poker is a tool I developed for helping organizations play with a full deck; enabling them to have a good balance of complementary styles. Why? Because opposites don’t attract. As a result, organizations naturally homogenize around one particular style.  (See my article, “Your Organizations is a Cult” for more on […]

When asked by a Fortune 20 company to boil down Personality Poker into a 350 word article for their intranet, this is what I created… We all have heard the expression, “opposites attract.” But in fact there is irrefutable scientific evidence that in relationships, opposites repel. We prefer to be around people who are similar to […]

On Thursday, the Personality Poker book started rolling into stores everywhere. People have been telling me about sightings in airport books stores and Barnes & Noble stores. Yesterday, I walked into my first bookstore – the MIT COOP – and there it was, face out.  Check out the picture. Today I will be traveling around […]

For me, tomorrow is a big day. My third book, “Personality Poker,” will be available in less than 24 hours. A lot of people have asked me what it is like to publish a book.  Well, let me tell you… It is exciting and nerve-racking. Sleep is a rare commodity these days and my social […]

This is the third in a series of videos about Personality Poker. Today I discuss why the Golden Rule is bad advice. You can pre-order the book now. Each book comes with a deck of the specially designed poker cards.

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