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I need your help! I am in the process of finishing the manuscript for my next book, “Personality Poker.”  The book will be published by Penguin’s Portfolio books and is expected in stores September 2010. We have been working on a subtitle for the book – and I would love your input. I realize that […]

As many of you know, I am working on the manuscript for my next book.  It is based on “Personality Poker,” a game that is primarily used to help organizations be more innovative.  But everyone enjoys it because it is a fun card-based game that tells you all about your personality. As part of my […]

While working on Innovation Personality Poker® over the years, one question has lingered in my mind… How do we know we are getting the most accurate picture of someone’s personality? Personality Poker is based on a 75 year old psychological testing technique called a Q-sort. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, in a Q-sort, “a person is […]

For any die-hard Boston Red Sox fan, the New York Yankees are the evil empire.  Therefore, being a native Bostonian, this T-shirt makes me laugh.  I particularly like it because it uses the suits from poker cards.  This is perfect for me, the creator of Personality Poker.

After giving a presentation last week on Personality Poker to a client, one of the other speakers discussed social media and Twitter.  The emcee for the event asked me to comment on which personality style uses Twitter. My response was, “All of them.  But WHY they Twitter and HOW they Twitter differs.” We designed Personality […]

How do you create products that sell themselves? That is what I will be speaking about at the National Speakers Association (NSA) national convention in Phoenix, AZ this summer. As a way of promoting that event, I was interviewed by professional MC, Camille Valvo, for the “Voices of Experience.” This audio CD is sent to […]

People who play Personality Poker tell me that they love its simplicity.  But what they find most amazing is how this simple “game” can generate profound insights. During a recent event, one participant commented that she learned more about herself and her team in 15 minutes than she had in her previous 15 years. In […]

If you own the Innovation Personality Poker system, here’s an interesting game to play. It’s called “Shadow Poker.” It was suggested by my colleague Jason Bates over at Executive Rockstar. Shadow Poker is the same as regular Personality Poker, except with one small difference: the goal is to choose personality traits that describe the people […]

I have played Innovation Personality Poker with groups from 8 to 800 in size. David Zinger, a fantastic blogger (who incidentally wrote a brief review of Personality Poker today), provided me with a solitaire version that I really like. He noted that there are 52 weeks in the year and 52 cards in the deck. […]

We just completed the Innovation Personality Poker instruction manual.  It is 85 pages of solid content.  Below you will find the Table of Contents. There is a “Quick Start Guide” [chapter 1] that can have you up and running in a matter of minutes.  There is a transcript of a 45 minute ice breaker [chapter […]

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