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Podcast E37: Interview with Joe De Sena from CNBC’s No Retreat

e37 CNBC Joe De Sena web min

Want to be a better problem solver? What if the solution is to get in the mud? In this episode, I interview Joe De Sena. He’s the founder of Spartan and is the host of CNBC’s No Retreat: Business Bootcamp. This incredibly powerful show puts business people in physically challenging situations as a way of […]

Podcast E36: DIVOT

E35 Want What You Have web min

It has been a while since my last podcast episode. I’ve been busy launching a new program and writing a new book. Therefore, to kick off the podcast season, I decided to do an episode just about my next book. The working title is DIVOT. A divot is a term from golf. It’s when you […]

Podcast E35: Want What You Have

E35 Want What You Have web min

To celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States, I decided to share a segment from my book, Goal-Free Living. Chapter 4 is entitled, “Want What You Have.” Instead of looking for more and creating a different future, appreciate what you have now. Before we get to the podcast, I want to share two items: My […]

Podcast E34: From Boxes to Lines

E34 From Boxes to Lines web

This podcast celebrates 20 years since the launch of my first book, 24/7 Innovation. It also marked the time when I left Accenture and started my own innovation business. In honor of this special period in my life, I read the Prologue to that book and share some thoughts on where we have come in […]

Podcast E33: Don’t Think Outside the Box

E33 Don't Think Outside the Box

What if instead of thinking outside the box, you want to find a better box? This is Chapter 4 from Best Practices are Stupid. We explore the power of Challenge-Centered Innovation (CCI)and why it leads to higher ROI than idea-driven innovation. In this episode, we explore Einstein’s perspective on innovation (hint: the problem is more […]

Podcast E32: Asking for Ideas is a Bad Idea

E32 Asking for Idea is a Bad Idea web min

What if asking for ideas is a bad idea? In this episode, I share Chapter 3 from Best Practices are Stupid. In it, we explore why looking for a quantity of ideas can be the downfall of your innovation efforts. You will hear: How several companies started with idea-driven innovation programs that led to the […]

Podcast E31: Solve Internal Problems by Looking Externally

E31 Open Innovation web

What if the best solutions to your internal business problems can be found by looking externally? In this episode, I have a conversation (using the Invisible Solutions® lenses) with my friend and colleague Jon Fredrickson. He is the Chief Innovation Officer for InnoCentive (a Wazoku company) and has 15 years of deep open innovation experience. […]

Podcast E30: How Can You Avoid Becoming a One-Hit Wonder?

E30 Avoid Being a One Hit Wonder web

This week I share Chapter 2 from Best Practices are Stupid: How Can You Avoid Becoming a One-Hit Wonder? Last week in Chapter 1, I explained the three levels of innovation (event, capability, system). In this week’s episode I share more details on what it takes to create level 2 – an innovation capability. When […]

Podcast E29: It’s Not Survival of the Fittest

E29 It's Not Survival of the Fittest web

In this episode, we explore why speed and power do not lead to long-term innovation. It’s not survival of the fittest; it’s survival of the adaptable. The content in this episode is from Chapter 1 of my Best Practices are Stupid book. We explore why the ability to repeatedly and predictable evolve your organization is […]

Podcast E28: Randomness Is Not Random

E28 Randomness is Not Random web

We assume randomness lacks a pattern. But there are inherent patterns in randomness. Unfortunately, our brain is wired to find patterns even when they don’t exist in order to create shortcuts that speed decision-making. But what if this very process can lead us down the wrong path? In this episode, I start with a fun […]