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Over the past couple of months, I have been on numerous podcasts talking about innovation and problem-solving. And over the past few weeks, I have focused more heavily on how to solve difficult problems during these difficult times.Here are a few of the podcasts. I will post more in the future as there are many […]

Interview on Andy Paul’s ACCELERATE! Podcast

Andy Paul

I’ve been on some cool podcasts lately, and here’s another. This time I was with Andy Paul, a sales guru. Nice guy. We had a great conversation about the relationship between sales and innovation. Listen to it here KEY TAKEAWAYS (from Andy’s site) [2:23] Stephen says the single biggest challenge facing sales reps is the […]

Podcast with Inventor Brooks Lambert

No guy wants a beer belly. Right? Most would rather have a “six-pack.” Of course. But what if you could have a six-pack AND a beer belly at the same time? Well, now you can. The Beerbelly is a “removable spare tire” that holds 80 oz of beer (more than a six-pack), allowing you to […]

Podcast with Michael Wiederman

In a previous blog entry, I commented on Michael Wiederman’s article in Scientific American Mind entitled, “Why It’s So Hard to Be Happy.” Dr. Wiederman is a Professor of Psychology at Columbia College and a proponent of the “goal-free” philosophy. Today we spoke for 30 minutes discussing many topics including goals, happiness, money, performance, investing, […]

Podcast with Dr. Doug Gardner, Sports Psychology Consultant

While researching the goal-free concept, I was introduced to Dr. Doug Gardner, the former sports psychology consultant to the Boston Red Sox. What sets Doug apart from the rest in the sports field is his belief that a myopic focus on goals – whether in sports or in life – can prevent individuals from performing […]