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What is Passion?

The other day I was having lunch with Mike Bell, the man who hired me for an engineering co-op job during university – an opportunity that changed my life. He has also changed the lives of over 250,000 students who have been educated with his math instruction methods. During our time together, he gave me […]

Live and Love Like a Little One

Here is a beautiful passage that Antony, a reader in Australia, sent to me. It poetically describes how adults can rekindle their love of life by thinking like a child. This is an eloquent, simple, and compelling example of what I mean by Goal-Free Living. This is from Muhammad Ali: “Children make you want to […]

Quote of the Day

“Goals are for the future. Values are now. Goals are set. Values are lived. Goals change. Values are rocks you can count on.” From Gung Ho! by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles

Innovation Quotes of the Day

Man can only have a certain number of teeth, hairs, and ideas. There comes a time when he necessarily loses his teeth, his hair, and his ideas. – Voltaire Ideas must work through the brains and arms of good and brave men, or they are no better than dreams. – Ralph Waldo Emerson Don’t worry […]

Pursuing Passion Quote of the Day

“If it is possible to make yourself into a great hacker. The way to do it may be to make the following deal with yourself: you never have to work on boring projects (unless your family will starve otherwise), and in return, you’ll never allow yourself to do a half-assed job (not done properly). All […]

Quote of the Day

Antony from Sydney, Australia has sent me dozens of great quotes. Today, he is providing his own personal quote. “I just realized that few of the greatest things I’ve achieved in this life were planned years before. On the contrary, the greatest opportunities would certainly never have resulted without the failure of major goals. It […]

Quote of the Day

“I worry a lot of people fall into the trap of believing that they need to make big life decisions before they can start doing anything….Your life doesn’t need to go through a predictable story arc. It doesn’t have to start with a dream, follow through hard work and end up in a nice home […]

Quote of the Day

“If Thomas Edison didn’t know what he had when he invented the phonograph while he thought he was trying to create better industrial equipment for telegraph operators…what are the odds that you — or any entrepreneur — is going to have it all figured out up front?” -Marc Andreessen (co-founder of Netscape) in a blog […]

Quote of the Day

“Success is blocked by concentrating on it and planning for it… Success is shy – it won’t come out while you’re watching.” – Tennessee Williams

Quote of the Day

“Hacking something together means deciding what to do as you’re doing it, not a subordinate executing the vision of his boss. It implies the result won’t be pretty, because it will be made quickly out of inadequate materials. It may work, but it won’t be the sort of thing the eminent would want to put […]