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From time to time, I will take comments buried deep within my blog, and include them here. Here is a recent comment that you may not have seen. “How our perspectives get elevated in accordance with our inflation in life experience, external events and thus expectations. We get moulded, bullied and branded everyday into beliefs, […]

Here is an email I recently received from Jana Stanfield — a talented musician and keynote speaker. It was December, the summer of 2003 in Bali. My beloved friend Holly Steil and I went to Bali because we’d always heard how spiritual and special it is. Trading our money for local currency, we discovered that […]

I received the following email from a visitor to the website… “I took a Goal Setting course in 1989. I reached one financial goal. Did not reach the others. Since 1989 life often interfered with my goal setting. Many of the twist and turns were painful, however I learned many lessons and because of those […]

I recently received an email from Salah, a computer engineering student at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. A few months ago he wrote an essay entitled “Individual Success: Made of Goals or Sudden Awareness?” for his advanced English Communication course in 2nd year college. He provides his own spin on […]

Here is an email I just received from a reader. When working on the Goal-Free Living project, I thought the people who would be most interested were the “Goalaholics”. But I have found that there are large numbers of people who already live Goal-Free, but feel ostracized by society. If anyone else has a great […]

I was reading your website this morning, and it makes a lot of sense. My friends and I always say, one day when I am married I will have this and that, or one day when I have children, when I have a large house on the water, etc…. I don’t fully appreciate my life […]

Today I want to share two emails I recently received from a couple of newletter and website readers. Keep the stories coming. *** I am counsellor and weight-loss consultant for a reputable weight-loss company. I was recently asked to write an article for the newsletter about goal setting but something didn’t seem right to me. […]

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