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I recently delivered a speech for a client who held their retreat in a remote location several hours away from the nearest airport. Another client wanted me to speak at their innovation conference the following morning, but my travel schedule wouldn’t have allowed me to arrive at the second event on time. Fortunately, they were […]

In an earlier post, I wrote about how using SlideShark, AppleTV, a router, and other technologies can allow you to do some very cool things with your presentations. For example, you can present without wires and write directly on the slides. Unfortunately AppleTV can be flakey and using hotel Wifi is always risky. And SlideShark […]

Do you give presentations as part of your job? What if you could draw directly on your slides while standing in the audience? For a while now, I have been using some fun technologies that allow me to make my presentations much more engaging. What You Need AppleTV A wifi router An iPad (I use […]

I am always looking for ways to make my life simpler. I’ve found two that really seem to keep my inbox clean. Sanebox FollowUpThen Both work with any email client or operating system (as far as I know). Sanebox Sanebox scans incoming mail and decides if it is important or not. If it looks like […]

Today’s Thursday Technology Tip… You will notice that whenever I post a video or audio file, the next day (or so) I post a written transcription. I do this for two reasons: 1) some people prefer to read, and 2) it helps with my SEO. Although I have used a variety of services for transcriptions, […]

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