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Today’s Tuesday Travel Tip… Have you ever stayed in a hotel room and could not get the shades to stay closed? When the sun rises, the light blasting into your room wakes you up? Well, here is my simple yet handy solution: use a chip clip. Bring one of these with you on your next […]

I travel a lot. And I travel with a lot of technology. In front of me now is my MacBook Pro, my iPad and my iPhone. But when I am in hotels, they often charge for each internet connection. So I have to choose. Do I want to connect my computer, my tablet or my phone? […]

Over the years, I have traveled over 1 million miles to nearly 50 countries.  Given that I fly so frequently, I am often asked for my suggestions for traveling more comfortably, efficiently, and cheaply.  Here is a VERY short list: Subscribe to TripIt Pro – TripIt is an awesome website/app that makes life easier for all […]

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