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Client Testimonials

Personality Poker is both enlightening and engaging. It’s a great exercise for any organization to inject some excitement while learning how to create functional teams.

Tom Morgan, General Manager of Innovation & Process Improvement, Voith Industrial Services

“Knowledge fades if you don’t access it. The 30 day challenge was great in that it forced you to recall what you learned before you forget. There were many subtle points that could get lost among the main themes.”

30 Day Challenge Feedback

“Stephen knows how to energize a room and get the creative juices flowing. The only other way to describe it is…magic.”

Jacob Morris, Manager, Sales Learning & Development, Delta Airlines

“Bringing you into 3M is one of those career highlights for me. Our leadership team STILL talks about you and references things they learned.”

Deb Byers, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, 3M

“Enjoyed working with Stephen and found his knowledge of innovation, conversational style and delivery smooth and effective. He’s a great evangelist for innovation gifted at simplifying complex principles so they are easily assimilated and put into practice.”

Matthew Von Ertfelda, Innovation Lead, Marriott, Insight, Strategy and Innovation Team

His talk exceeded our already high expectations. Several audience members said out loud, ‘this is so perfect’ as he was speaking. When he was done he received a standing ovation, unusual for our group.

Victoria Cliche, Executive Director, Creative Education Foundation

Steve exemplifies innovation in his personality and how he approaches life, work and others. I would strongly recommend him to any person or organization looking to instill these attributes in their life or work.

Julie Meringer, Vice President, Forrester Research

Your presentation was intellectually witty and captivating. You provided the audience with a relevant and timely prescription for identifying extraordinary solutions to well-defined questions.

Colleen Barros, Deputy Director for Management, National Institutes of Health

Very entertaining, but more importantly, extremely informative and thought provoking.

Mary Beth Reidy, Executive Director, The Conference Board

Steve Shapiro’s Personality Poker is a seriously fun way to wrap our heads around our own and others’ work styles. Understanding leads to improved communication, appropriate expectations, and better work.

Jack Covert, retired President of 800-CEO-READ, published in his INC.com

Stephen’s passion for innovation is infectious. His mandate to focus innovation relentlessly on well-articulated problems has caused an internal shift in mindset and approach for our innovators. Stephen delivers both in a way that is truly inspirational and actionable.

Laurie Heltsley, Director of Innovation and Strategic Projects, Procter & Gamble

Personality Poker is a simple yet extremely effective tool for understanding personality mixes and their impact on driving or blocking innovation.

Andrew Bushell, Former Head of Innovation, Novartis Consumer Health

Our Personality Poker event created a buzz that continued well past the event. A month later, I continue to see evidence that the awareness the game fosters really stuck.

Michele Egger, Chevron, Innovation Operations

When Stephen steps on the stage, he’s like a bolt of lightning.

Traci Fenton, CEO, WorldBlu Inc.

The success of your presentation began long before you stepped in front of the audience. You delivered much more than a speech; you delivered lasting results. I would highly recommend you to any organizations who is serious about making innovation a reality.

Daniel Kaus, BP Lubricants

The audience loved you and the feedback was amazingly positive. Just to give you an idea of how positive it was, during IndustryWeek’s webcasts (which we typically do once a week) and all of our online conferences, we collect data on a lot of these same questions. The presenter rating you received, 4.52, was one of the highest of all time. We’ve only seen maybe a dozen speakers (out of 250+ presenters we’ve tracked since 2005) surpass the 4.0 mark, so to see a number above 4.5 is wonderful.

IndustryWeek Magazine

Your interactive presentation captivated the audience and received great feedback from attendees.

Steve Craft, Deputy Director of Strategic Relations Office, NASA

Stephen Shapiro is the best presenter of ideas since Tom Peters.

Michael Johnson, former Writer, Business Week

Stephen brought incredible energy and highly relevant messages that made it possible for us to rethink our innovation principles and extend them to our customer-facing functions … Stephen has a fun and highly infectious style and could be an asset to any organization trying to make innovation a reality.

Robin Torgerson, Vice President of U.S. Sales Excellence, 3M

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