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I could get into a deep philosophical rant about how our achievement oriented society has people brainwashed into believing that they need to appear busy at work if they want to be successful. Instead, I will let this entertaining television advertisement say it all. Click here to enjoy the video

  1. The video reminds me of the pressure that society puts into achieving a serious proffessional facade as sinonimous of maturity and achievement. Like if worrying, rushing, and being in control are equivalent to expressing committment and care for what one does. The video stresses very well the power of parody and exageration as educational tool to make obvious to adults the non sense, that which children so quickly catch from human behavior. And also, indigenous peoples. A question of inhabiting natural rhythms or being completely out of tune. I know that, at least, for those I have worked with, the guy from the video would appear very untrustworthy and close to insane. Speaking of making fun, I have liked very much in the short video I watched from your talk in Singapore, your capacity to be silly and make people laugh -make me laugh-. I mean it as a compliment, and a great sign of leadership. I trust in sense of humor as one of universal tools to overcome rigidity and stubbornes leading to conflict -internal and external-. I would advocate for more capacity of silliness to break the spell of so much self-importance and righteousness. The character of the trikster in Native American-Canadian traditions contributes very much to social healing, and putting things in perspective. How to educate the Western youth to carry balanced lives if there is no place for the fools in the role models around?. However, I bet than enhancing the comic persona would rocket our capacity to be happy. As an example: myself. Some of the best moments of last year have happened playing silly with my nieces, making fun, and “theatre” with them, and giggling along my 5 year old nephew. Although I also have great capacity for silliness, and last year I took action in favor of my dreams, my healthy silly persona faded several times under the pressure of the one attached to the outcome I had planned -as you rightly notice, attachement is a trap-. As I did not achieve such outcome I became very harsh on myself and doubtful, thinking that I had not succeeded. Just when I realised that I was not being fair to myself,and my heart did not deserve that,was able to release the strong grip of self-judgement, turn it into ridiculous, and decide that even my dreams are not worthy if I cannot enjoy the journey, one day at a time. That makes the difference. A couple of days later I found your website, and felt grateful for such synchronicity. No matter how ridiculous or crazy, still D.Quixote, the famous literary character of my country, Spain, remains nowdays an inspiration to journey courageously for noble ideals, to live with passion. His adventures invite to consider in ours the value of loyal friendship -Sancho Panza-, and the ability to perceive beauty when looking with the eyes of the soul -his love for Dulcinea turned her in the most beautiful to his eyes-.

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