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Innovation Insights
by Stephen Shapiro

Goal-Free Fun

In a previous blog entry, I describe how games can turn work into play.  The key is to choose a game that resonates with you. Here’s a bit from the Simpsons that shows that not all games are fun.

Bart forgot his permission slip, so he was unable to visit the chocolate factory.  Instead, he was stuck with Principal Skinner who had other plans for him.

Principal: Here’s a whole box of unsealed envelopes for the PTA!
Bart: You’re making me lick envelopes?
Principal: Oh, licking envelopes can be fun! All you have to do is make a game of it.
Bart: What kind of game?
Principal: Well, for example, you could see how many you could lick in an hour, then try to break that record.
Bart: Sounds like a pretty crappy game to me.
Principal: Yes, well, get started.