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colt revolverI was recently listening to an old-time radio broadcast and heard a commercial that ran back in 1959. It shared the story of how the Colt Revolver was invented. As it is told, when he was younger, Samuel Colt, was fascinated with gun powder and weapons.

However, he was dissatisfied with the “one-shot” pistols that were on the market. To create the revolver, he recalled a sea voyage he took when he was 13. He used the concept of the paddlewheel for inspiration to create the six-shooter. This is a great example of how taking a concept from one industry and applying it to another can be a great stimulus for new inventions.

The story continues with the common battle of any innovation: bringing it to market and gaining acceptance.

It is a fun listen and is only 75 second long. Enjoy!

Listen to the audio (streaming):



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