NEW BOOK: Pivotal: Creating Stability in an Uncertain World Coming June 18, 2024

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Scale Innovation with our new eLearning Course

“The best course I have seen on any subject this year”

In partnership with MindScaling, we are thrilled to announce the release of my new eLearning course. This is a highly graphical and interactive course that will engage people from the start. There are activities, assessments, and animations. We even provide downloads and cheat sheets that allow you to use the materials with your team when you are away from the computer.

And it has been getting RAVE reviews!

We received this unsolicited feedback from Jerry Cox, President of BRAINIER SOLUTIONS:

“Love it. The best course I have seen on any subject this year… I could recommend the course to any executive without reservation. And – if he or she is a friend, I would follow up to make sure they viewed it.”

BRAINIER Solutions is a premier global online learning provider that offers tons of courses. We never asked him for any comments on this new course, so this was a huge surprise!

What is everyone so excited about? Check out our new promotional video that shows you in one-minute why this is not like any other course out there.

You really do have to try it to see how great it is. Contact us for more details.