Innovation Sustainability Program

Making Innovation a Reality
in Your Organization

It’s time to create a sustainable innovation effort within your organization. And the way to do this is through a proven process for delivering long-term and lasting results.

My Innovation Sustainability Program is the key to turning your organization into an innovation machine.


Our work starts together with my understanding your specific needs. What are your pain points? What are your challenges? What messages do people need to hear in order to move the needle on performance? This Preparation phase can either be a brief phone conversation, or it can be a more robust assessment where we analyze, first-hand, what is needed for your organization.


Then we Launch your innovation program. This is typically in the form of a speech/workshop to your extended leadership or employees. It can be delivered in-person, or it can be done in a live virtual format. We have special virtual programs that combine the best of live experiences with deep learning. 

We also have our “Innovation Intervention” program that is an 8-week virtual deep-dive into all aspects of innovation. This combines video, the creation of deliverables, and direct support throughout the process. Learn more at


But unlike most speakers, we do not stop here. In fact, this is the start! Now we want to Reinforce the learning with a variety of tools. Very popular is our 30-Day Innovation Challenge, which is a mobile interactive competition which contains micro-learning (questions, 1-minute videos, and gamification). But we also offer follow-up webinars, articles, videos, and dedicated email address for employees to submit questions.


Next it is time to ScaleThe goal is to engage as many people in the organization as possible. We do this at three different levels:

  • Innovation leads and leadership: We make sure your innovation and leadership teams have everything they need to drive innovation forward. We provide advisory support services that help you help the organization. You can keep me on retainer and call/write me as often as you want. I can come to your organization for face-to-face meetings and consulting. And I can even shadow your innovation team to make sure they are doing the right things.
  • Innovation advocates: Pushing innovation into every crevice of your organization requires a team of advocates who will mentor others within the organization. To make sure they are equipped with what they need, I provide both train-the-trainer services as well as master blackbelt training. These certification programs ensure your ambassadors have all of the necessary tools.
  • Everyone: Of course, if you want everyone involved in innovation, you need everyone trained in innovation. The most cost-effective way of doing this is with my newly launched eLearning course (see video below). This one hour interactive online experience educates everyone on the basics of innovation. In addition, more extensive training can be provided through certified trainers and even our strategic partnership with Linkage.


This year we are launching a new Innovation Mastermind group where we bring together innovation leaders from a wide range of industries to share what is helping them make innovation a reality. Although this group will be by invitation only, if you are interested in getting involved, please contact us.


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