Invisible Solutions Group Learning

Get Your Team Together and Find Invisible Solutions to Your Most Difficult Problems

What if you and your team could learn and apply the concepts from the Invisible Solutions book in a group learning environment?

In this 3 month program, each week, you and your team gather together to watch a 15-minute “videobook” segment of Stephen reading Invisible Solutions. Think of it as an audiobook on steroids; video with animations to enhance the experience.

This isn’t theory; this is about practical application and problems solving.

  • The first part of the book is background on problem-solving. This includes a number of exercises designed to challenge participants and get them thinking in a  new way.
  • The core of the book are the 25 lenses – each designed to help solve a specific type of problem. This is where the group learning moves to real-world problem-solving and value-creation.
  • The final section is about applying these concepts to your innovation efforts. It includes conversations around differentiation, breakthrough thinking, and failure.

Each video is accompanied by an instructors manual with lessons, questions, and tools.

After watching each video, the group discusses and applies the content to solve their most difficult problems.

Here are the first three minutes of the introduction of the videobook:

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