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On this page you will find a variety of videos that will educate and entertain you.

Book Trailer

Looking to find better solutions? If so, the key is to avoid focusing on solutions. Instead look at ask better questions. And Invisible Solutions will provide a practical tool to help you do this.
(45 seconds)

Baggage Claim Story

Here is one of my favorite stories from the book. It’s my famous “baggage claim story.” In this video you will learn how changing a problem statement can yield a range of different possible solutons. I think you’ll really enjoy this !
(6 minutes 21 seconds)


Video Book – Introduction

You’ve heard of print books, e-books, and audio books. For Invisible Solutions, we decided to create something innovative: a video book. Imagine your favorite book coming to life – unabridged.
(3 minutes 27 seconds)


Why This Book is About Problem-Solving

After 25 years of working in the field of innovation, my 6th book doesn’t use the word “innovation” on the front cover. Why? Because language is important. And problem-solving opens up a wide range of new opportunities that might not exist in the world of innovation.
(1 minute 56 seconds)