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Unprecedented access to infinite solutions has led us to realize that having all of the answers is not the answer. From innovation teams to creativity experts to crowdsourcing, we’ve turned from one source to another, spending endless cycles pursuing piecemeal solutions to each challenge we face.

What if your organization had an effective and systematic approach to deal with any problem?

To find better solutions, you need to first ask better questions. The questions you ask determine which solutions you’ll see and which will remain hidden.

This compact yet powerful book contains the formulas to reframe any problem multiple ways, twenty-five lenses help you gain different perspectives. With illustrative examples and guidance, it contains everything you need to start mastering any challenge.

This book will help you…

  • discover why we are hardwired to ask ineffective questions and how to work through those barriers
  • understand the power and importance of well-defined questions
  • reframe any problem multiple ways to help you find the optimal solution
  • move from idea-based innovation to the question-based innovation that drives higher ROI

Apply just one of the lenses and you will quickly discover better solutions. Apply all of them to every problem and you will be able to solve any problem…in business and in life.

This book is hardcover, two-color interior, with a pull-out insert. Retail price: $24.95.

The e-book and audiobook are also available.

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Praise for Invisible Solutions

“Stephen Shapiro is an engineer who can communicate in clear, plain language. And in this smart and practical book, he uses his considerable skills to help you fashion fresh solutions to your toughest challenges. By enlisting Shapiro’s 25 lenses, you’ll see your business problems more clearly — and come up with creative answers that will boggle your mind and delight your customers.”
– Daniel H. Pink, author of When, Drive, and To Sell Is Human

One of my favorite stories from Invisible Solutions – Baggage Claim

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Invisible Solutions is an essential read for anyone faced with seemingly intractable business issues or simply looking for non-traditional approaches to traditional problem-solving. Stephen Shapiro’s extensive consulting background serves him well, offering practical insights and approaches that can be immediately applied to any industry. This is an exceptional tool to help uncover solutions that might well otherwise remain unexplored, untapped, and hidden.”
– Adam Burke, Chief Operating Officer, Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board

“Stephen Shapiro has captured the essence of what I believe – ‘Innovation is not about novelty or ideas – it is about defining and solving important problems.’ And using 25 lenses, he has shown the innovation community how they can solve these important problems using common sense solutions hidden in plain sight!”
– Navin Kunde, Innovation Leader, The Clorox Company

“This book is a gift for leaders and innovation professionals everywhere! With Invisible Solutions, you will stop solving problems that don’t matter and start getting the results you want and need.”
– Jack Elkins, Founder Sidekick Innovation and former Director of Innovation for the NBA’s Orlando Magic

“Sometimes the best solutions are right in front of your nose. This book will help you see solutions that you may have missed.”
– Matthew Von Ertfelda, SVP Food + Beverage, Global Operations, Marriott International

“Finally, an innovation book that can be used by everyone, every day. This is actually more than a book – it is a powerful tool that transforms complex problems into simple (and practical) solutions. If you are looking to take your organization to the next level, the solution is Invisible Solutions!
– Dorie Clark, author of Entrepreneurial You and Reinventing You, and executive education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

“The first and most important step in any innovation process is shifting your lens to make hidden opportunities visible. Stephen Shapiro gets below the buzzwords to provide us with 25 new and practical innovation lenses to help us identify and commercialize new breakthrough solutions. Invisible Solutions is a must read for any leader working hard to stay relevant in these rapidly changing times.”– Saul Kaplan, Founder and Chief Catalyst, Business Innovation Factory (BIF)

Video Endorsement from Hall of Fame Speaker Jason Hewlett

Invisible Solutions is truly transformational. Stephen Shapiro cuts through preconceptions about problem solving and innovation like a neurosurgeon – severing presuppositions and making surprising, useful and unexpected new connections. This book is inspiring, insightful and filled with practical tools to help you apply what you learn. Read this book. Share it with your team. It will positively change how you think, what you do, and the results you get.”
– Karl J. Newman, chairman, president & CEO, WSRB/Building Metrix, Inc.

“In this insightful and refreshing book, Stephen has taken me to a different level of thinking. Invisible Solutions provides practical advice on how to focus on what matters most. The book is like a lighthouse of innovation and has positively impacted my daily work and personal life.”
– Ping Zhong, Vice President of Human Nutrition Science and Technology, Archer Daniels Midland

“If you’re looking for breakthrough tools for innovation, this is just what you need! Approaching innovation with a clearly defined challenge statement accelerates progress in discovering a powerful solution. We used the lenses from the book in a recent leadership workshop and had several breakthroughs in thinking that would not have happened without this powerful tool. This is a must read book!”
– Thonda Boals Barnes, St. Jude Leadership Academy, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital”

“In business leadership we look at problems as opportunities for us to solve. We like to think we gather the data, understand the facts and feelings, get to the root problem, and build sound action plans to solve such problems. However, through the work and writings of Stephen Shapiro, you have to ask yourself, are you asking the right questions? His knowledge and delivery remind us at CertaPro Painters, Ltd. that often times we look at all of our issues through the wrong lens. When you change your perspective, you are better positioned to ask better questions and thus change the paradigm leading to solving better problems, but doing it faster and ways never thought possible.”
– Michael Stone, President & CEO, CertaPro Painters

“Stephen’s book offers a myriad of outside-the-box solutions for everyday problems that will make you a better leader or business owner. This book forces readers to look at business through different prisms, ask the right questions in order to change, challenge the status quo, and steamroll obstacles. Are you ready to push boundaries? Start reading this book now!”
– Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Speaker, Author, and Part-Time Cowboy

Invisible Solutions is a must-read for anyone tackling complex and seemingly impossible business problems. Read this book and you will learn how to uncover amazing solutions you didn’t know were possible.”
– Daniel Burrus, New York Times bestselling author of seven books including Flash Foresight

“Culture drives success more than any strategy, and Stephen Shapiro is the ultimate expert on creating a culture of innovation. Reading just one chapter in Invisible Solutions will help you maximize returns on any project. Read the entire book and you will have the tools to transform the entire organization.”
– Robert Richman, former Culture Strategist at Zappos Insights and author of The Culture Blueprint

“Asking great questions is the foundation for successful leadership. Whether you are connecting with your team or solving problems with/for them, it all starts with your ability to ask the right questions. Invisible Solutions is an incredibly powerful book that will equip you with the tools to ask effective questions to solve any problem you may encounter!”
– Chris Goede, The John Maxwell Company, President, Corporate Leadership Solutions

“There have been so many times in the past where I have been searching for EXACTLY how to solve a business challenge. Invisible Solutions delivers the tools to help you rapidly find the answers you are looking for.”
– Phil M Jones, Author of Exactly What to Say

“When you feel stuck, a good question can get you unstuck. But which question? Stephen Shapiro gives you the discipline to think differently by showing you the 25 lenses that can open up new possibilities, whether you’re trying to solve an R&D challenge at work, or trying to make your home life a little happier.”
– Michael Bungay Stanier, WSJ bestselling author of The Coaching Habit