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by Stephen Shapiro

SS Blog My Best $1 Travel Must Have Item

My Best $1 Travel Must Have Item

What is your most used travel item that costs less than $5?

When I ask people this question, I hear ideas ranging from ear plugs and eye shades to nail files and a travel-sized screwdriver kit.

Mine is a $1 travel-sized spray bottle.

That might not sound very exciting, but it serves many purposes.

The most obvious use is to wet my hair and restyle it when needed. This is great after a long flight when my hair gets messed up from wearing noise-cancellation headphones.

A more advanced application is that instead of using the steam from the hotel iron (which often spits out white calcium deposits), you spray your clothes and then use a dry iron.

The Ninja application is my favorite: use it as a steamer. For clothes that shouldn’t be ironed, I lightly mist them with the spray bottle and then use a hair dryer to steam out the wrinkles. Just pull down on the clothes as you dry them. It works like a charm!

What are your favorite inexpensive travel items?