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Innovation Insights
by Stephen Shapiro

One Day More…

For me, tomorrow is a big day.

My third book, “Personality Poker,” will be available in less than 24 hours.

A lot of people have asked me what it is like to publish a book.  Well, let me tell you…

It is exciting and nerve-racking.

Sleep is a rare commodity these days and my social life is even rarer.

Writing the book was the easy part.  Promoting it is all consuming.

I compare the past 2 months to a political campaign.  It’s go go go until the election day.  Or in my case, until book launch.

The marketing activities have been mind boggling…

We created a very cool video game that simulates the Personality Poker experience.  If you did not try it out yet, you MUST!  It is fun.  It looks like a Las Vegas slot machine with spinning wheels.  And it is typically quite accurate.  You can even share your hands on Facebook.

We launched a new website today for the book where you can download the introduction and first chapter of the book.  Just sign-up on the bottom of the page.  (as we are transitioning to the new website now, there might be a few hiccups)

We have been tweeting non-stop on @perspokerbook.  Be sure to follow us to get a dozen tweets a day with excerpts from the book.  We also have a Facebook fanpage that was recently launched.

In addition, I have been giving speeches non-stop for the past 6 weeks.  We have been running a massive outreach campaign.  And I am doing radio/podcast interviews during my spare time (weekends typically).

Yesterday, after giving a speech and spending the day with a client, I decided to take a nap at 7:30PM.  Bad idea!  I didn’t set my alarm and woke up at 6AM.  Fortunately, my speech today isn’t until noon.  But that gives you an idea of how crazy things have been.

Tomorrow, will start accepting reviews for the book.  This is when it gets interesting.  Although some of the people who received the book will write glowing reviews just because they know me, hundreds of books have been sent to people I don’t know.  People who are not biased by a friendship.  Waiting for these reviews can be, if I am honest, a bit stressful.

The challenge with a book like this is that it is based on an experience: a speech I have given to tens of thousands of people.  When someone attends a Personality Poker session and then reads the book, they truly get the power of it.  But it is something that has to be tried to fully appreciate.  Many people will read the book and not play the game.  That is a shame, because it is simple to play, takes very little time, and is a lot of fun.  We have some great reviews already from people who have played the game and seen its power.

I remember the day the first copy of the book arrived at my house.  It was thrilling to see and hold the finished product.  It is much more impressive in person than it is in a picture, so please be sure to check it out in a local retailer (it will be in Barnes & Noble and Borders stores everywhere and in many airport book stores).  By the way, the cards are supposed to stay attached to the book and not removed.  This way they are always with you for easy access.

As the book launches, I will be interviewing readers, taking pictures at bookstores, and doing other things to share my experience with you.

It is my hope that this becomes massively popular through word of mouth – friends telling friends.  This book is unique and can be life changing.  I hope you agree and decide to help spread the word.

Thank you in advance for all of your support.