NEW BOOK: Pivotal: Creating Stability in an Uncertain World 

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by Stephen Shapiro

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PIVOTAL Available for Pre-Release


My 7th book, PIVOTAL: Creating Stability in an Uncertain World, will be available in about three months.

But I don’t want you to wait until then to get access. So if you buy from me this week, I am throwing in a bunch of bonuses. (link in the comments – it is easy to remember: “the pivotal offer dot com”)

BONUS 1: Immediate access to the PIVOTAL ebook

BONUS 2: Immediate access to the Best Practices Are Stupid (updated 2023 edition) ebook

BONUS 3: Access to the first four chapters of PIVOTAL’s audiobook (when it is available)

FAST ACTION BONUS 4: Access to the first four chapters of the Invisible Solutions VIDEObook. This highly visual version of the audiobook features graphics, animations, and music. This product is not available for purchase anywhere. And it is only available if you order by March 26, 2024.

How does it work?

Buy the hardcover version of PIVOTAL now from me for $26.95 (the retail price). The physical book will be shipped to you when it is officially released (shipping included). You will receive the two ebooks and videobook within 24 hours.

This offer is available only for shipments to the Continental United States. Please read the landing page carefully for all terms and conditions.

You can purchase the book and bonuses at

Let me know if you have any questions/problems. Thanks in advance for your support!