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In order to sell your ideas, you need to be better at using data. But what if leading with data might be the very thing that prevents you from selling your ideas?

On this episode, I am joined by my friend and colleague, Brad Kolar. He and I worked closely together at Accenture. He was also the Chief Learning Officer for the University of Chicago Medical Center. Now he helps overwhelmed leaders make better decisions by reducing complexity and increasing clarity.

The problem we tackle: “How can we drive data-driven decision-making forward without having to rehash the analysis and background each time we start a conversation?”

During the conversation, we used three of the lens from Invisible Solutions:

  • #11: RESEQUENCE – What can we do earlier in the process to increase the speed of buy-in later in the process?
  • #14: EMOTION – Instead of focusing on facts and data, how we can leverage stories and emotion to increase acceptance?
  • #4: ELIMINATE – What if we eliminated the use of charts and statistics in our sales pitch? How could that help improve buy-in?

It was a fast-paced and engaging conversation! This is one you won’t want to miss!

To connect with Brad, go to www.availadvisors.com or LinkedIn

To download the lenses, go to www.GetTheLenses.com

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