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It has been a while since my last podcast episode. I’ve been busy launching a new program and writing a new book. Therefore, to kick off the podcast season, I decided to do an episode just about my next book. The working title is DIVOT.

A divot is a term from golf. It’s when you swing at the ball, if you go too deep, a chunk of grass goes flying, and this is a divot.

And that’s the premise of the next book – how can we go deep and create more customer value?

Rather than changing direction (pivot) it is about deep value creation.

You may remember a podcast episode a while back (#14) where I said, “Don’t Pivot; Divot.” This episode takes this to a whole new level, and talks specifically about the concepts from the book.

I cover a lot of territory during 22 minutes of content:

  • Where do we double down on our investments?
  • How can we identify our differentiator and use that to prioritize investments?
  • How can the divot help create employee engagement and reduce burnout?
  • How can we best motivate employees (compensation, community, contribution)?
  • How can we provide stability for our employees (vs feeling like employees are working in quicksand)?
  • Why divoting is not the about standing still but is about going deeper.
  • The 5D of Differentiation (Distinctive, Desirable, Durable, Disruption-Proof, Disseminated)
  • Why we want a laser focus on investments rather than diluting and dissipating our energies

…and much more.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

If you have any stories to contribute to the new book, please drop me a line.

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