Invisible Solutions Podcast

Get Your Most Difficult Business Problems Solved Quickly

The podcast that solves real-world business problems in real time

In today’s complex world, everyone is struggling with challenges they’ve never dealt with before, or persistent problems that won’t go away.

But what if you could find solutions to these problems quickly and systematically?

Join Stephen Shapiro and special guests each week as they solve your real-world problems, real-time using his 25 years of innovation experience.

If you and your business want to solve your difficult problems once and for all, this is the podcast for you.


Do you have a problem/challenge you want Stephen to solve on a future episode?

Either leave a voice message or email him at help (at) reframemyproblem (dot) com.

Please let us know if we have permission to a) use your name (first name only), and b) if a voice message, use the recording. Thank you!

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