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Innovation Insights
by Stephen Shapiro

When Sameness is Goodness

Today is my 50th birthday.

After reflecting on what has transpired over the last year, I realized that the past 12 months were a lot like the year before that.

My income is pretty much the same.

I am still giving the same number of speeches on innovation. 

I’m on the road the same number of days.

I haven’t written any new books or released any new products.

I am still in a relationship with the same awesome woman.

April 2014 looks a lot like April 2013.

For many, this might be a disappointing realization. They may wonder, “What have I done with my life during the past year?”

I, on the other hand, smiled when I discovered this.

Life (from my perspective) is not about change for change sake. There is nowhere to get to. Life is not a race. Change would not make my life inherently better. The past 365 days were amazing. And I am confident that the next 365 days will be even better…even if I only did more of the same.

Are you so worried about “improving” that you fail to enjoy your life as it is right now?

This was originally posted on my Facebook page. Given the popularity of it, I decided to post it here too.