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This Friday, May 5 at 7PM, I will be on the new TLC television show, Girl Starter.

This show encourages young women to create their own businesses through a playful, yet serious competition.

Eight young women, 18-24 years old, build businesses from scratch over the course of 6 weeks. The winning team gets up to $100,000 of investment and services to support their business.

The first episode aired this past Friday and concluded with the 8 women being paired into four teams.

The episode this Friday is where the business building begins. Each team will develop an idea for their business and start to plan it out.

I am a mentor and judge, along with Tiffany Pham from Mogul.

Although we finished shooting the entire show, I can’t tell you much more until the episodes air. So, you’ll have to tune in!

Be prepared for some laughs, inspiration, and surprises.

I’ll be on the show May 5, May 19, and the finale on June 2.

Tune and in support young women become business owners.

Here’s a quick preview of the show:

You can learn more about the show/movement on Parade.com

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