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Making the Impossible Possible

Developing Breakthrough Solutions

Enhance creativity in your organization

Innovation Keynote by Stephen Shapiro

Innovation isn’t just for innovators! It’s for everyone. This interactive keynote – which can be done with any size audience and is relevant to everyone – shares a number of practical techniques that anyone in your organization can use.  For example, it can help:

  • Sales reps develop new and better ways of closing the deal
  • Marketers create more compelling and persuasive campaigns
  • IT develop better technology more rapidly with lower risk
  • HR professionals better engage employees and improve performance management
  • Manufacturing reduce costs and improve quality
  • Everyone be more productive and better at solving your business challenges

Some common activities include

Make the impossible possible
This fun technique has its roots in magic and is fundamentally different than how most people solve problems.

Predict what the competition will do
A good source of creative inspiration is to look at what you fear your current – and future – competitors will do…and then beat them to the punch.

Make connections
Most people solve problems through their “expertise” lens. But this limits potential solutions. Instead find someone else who has solved a similar problem.

Speaker’s Corner
Inspired by Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London, this technique is a free-market approach to developing solutions. It is fast, fun, and wildly efficient.

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