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It took me 25 years to write this article. For the first time, I am writing about how we created a 20,000 person innovation practice at the consulting firm Accenture; completely shifting the culture in just 9 months with the results lasting for years. In the article, I explore the 6-step process used, detailed organization […]

I was recently interviewed for an article for Investor’s Business Daily. The topic of conversation was how reframing a problem can lead to better solutions. Here is the very start of the article: Racing to stay a step ahead of rivals, leaders often rush to find new innovations. They state a problem and tell their […]

If you visit this blog often, you will have noticed that I slowed my writing down a bit over the last month. That is because I just launched my new column on innovation. If you want to read the article as they are posted, you can go to my author’s page. All of my articles […]

I was recently interviewed by the financial service firm, BBVA Compass. They asked for my thoughts on failure. I said that failure was overrated and that we needed a different mindset. Here are some sound bites from my interview/article “I don’t believe that failure is necessary in general. I also don’t believe that the answer always […]

I was recently interviewed by Pedro De Abreu for an article on Here’s a little taste… Every web site we visit, every book we read, every conference we attend, we are admonished to innovate, to be innovative and to disrupt the market with innovation. Stephen Shapiro, author of the international best-selling business book ‘Best […]

In the September issue of “Speaker Magazine” (published by the National Speakers Association), I have a 3-page article. It is called: Do Less, Make More: Work Only One Hour a Day by Mastering Leverage. Here’s the beginning… I’ve been trying an experiment. For the last six months, I’ve been working, on average, only one hour each day on […]

If you want to hear my voice talk about innovation, here are two recent interviews for podcasts: I had a blast with Karen Keller when we addressed how women (and men) can be more innovative.  This was a no holds barred conversation where I said what was really on my mind: Power Influencer Series (interview not […]

Although much has been written about innovation, there is little agreement on what it is or why it is necessary. Is innovation the same as creativity? Is it synonymous with product development? Or is innovation just radical change? I like to describe innovation through an old, yet relevant, joke. The joke begins with two men […]

Today’s blog entry gives you three feature articles with my thoughts on innovation.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what they say! One article is from “Computerworld” in the Denmark (scanned in by a colleague there).  Another is from “High Tech Analysis” in the Netherlands.  And the last is the cover story from “inMarketing” in Thailand.  […]

Making Resolutions That Work Like dinosaurs and gas-guzzling SUVs, is the traditional New Year’s Resolution rapidly becoming a thing of the past? According to a survey by Stephen Shapiro, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” In a survey of 1012 Americans, only 45% of Americans now say they write up New Years Resolutions down from […]

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