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This is post #3 about the writing process for my next book. Here’s #1 and #2. Sometimes a challenge for people in writing is making the time or having the support. Admittedly, I’m a pretty good self-motivator. I make the time. Quite often I lock myself in a hotel for a week or two so […]

Given my last post about my next book generated so much interest, I’ve decided to document my journey here in the hopes that it benefits others. This is book number 7. Although I have published books as far back as 2001 (with an even earlier one from 1996 when I was at Accenture), I am […]

Yesterday I submitted the manuscript for my next book to early readers. Although this is book number seven, I am using a different strategy than I have in the past. The big influencers were two books I read on the writing process: Write a Must Read by AJ Harper is a truly fantastic book. The […]

I recently received a review copy of Jeremy Gutsche’s “Better and Faster.” Jeremy is the CEO of and the book reflects the quality of the site. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I rarely post (if ever) post book reviews. But I liked this one so much, […]

Jake Sorofman, a Research Director at Gartner, just reviewed “Best Practices Are Stupid.” His review started… Don’t let its compact size—or snarky title—fool you. It’s a worthwhile read. Unlike so many other books in this particular genre, it doesn’t disguise otherwise straightforward concepts with overwrought explanation. Shapiro gets straight to the point with 40 often […]

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