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Book Publishing Resources I’ve Compiled After Publishing Seven Books

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How can you get your book done and published? My seventh book will be published in less than a week. During a conversation with a friend, I reflected on some of the tools and resources I used to get them done. Here is a list you might find helpful… BOOKS: Write a Must Read by […]

PIVOTAL Available for Pre-Release

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SPECIAL OFFER! My 7th book, PIVOTAL: Creating Stability in an Uncertain World, will be available in about three months. But I don’t want you to wait until then to get access. So if you buy from me this week, I am throwing in a bunch of bonuses. (link in the comments – it is easy […]

Two Years of Hard Work

SS Blog Two Years of Hard Work

Two years ago today – October 18, 2022 – I sat on a park bench overlooking a river. I was reflecting on what was next for my business. It was a calm and peaceful day. As it turns out, that was my last truly peaceful moment at work. Because at that time, I decided to […]

Creating a PIVOTAL Book (or product)

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Although I have six published books under my belt, there is always something new to learn. In the past, I would write the manuscript and then have the publisher complete the editing, layout, and cover design. After that, the book magically appeared in bookstores. Readers only saw the book when it was in finished form. […]

Organize Your Writing Retreat


In my push to get the manuscript done for my next book, I (once again) locked myself in a hotel room to stay focused. People have asked me what I do during these sessions and how I get organized. The process is really very simple. I choose a place that has a full kitchen. For […]

Finding Time for Writing

New Book Iterations

This is post #3 about the writing process for my next book. Here’s #1 and #2. Sometimes a challenge for people in writing is making the time or having the support. Admittedly, I’m a pretty good self-motivator. I make the time. Quite often I lock myself in a hotel for a week or two so […]

Getting Book Feedback

Book Feedback

Given my last post about my next book generated so much interest, I’ve decided to document my journey here in the hopes that it benefits others. This is book number 7. Although I have published books as far back as 2001 (with an even earlier one from 1996 when I was at Accenture), I am […]

Want to Help Me Write My Next Book?

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Yesterday I submitted the manuscript for my next book to early readers. Although this is book number seven, I am using a different strategy than I have in the past. The big influencers were two books I read on the writing process: Write a Must Read by AJ Harper is a truly fantastic book. The […]

New Book Feedback

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Happy New Year! For 2022, I am working on a new book – and I would love your input. The general topic is the first step of my FAST Innovation Model. FAST stands for Focus, Ask, Shift, Test. Invisible Solutions® covered the “Ask” topic in depth. This next book is a prequel to Invisible Solutions […]

Are You A Pessimist, Optimist, Engineer, or Innovator?

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I’m locked away in a hotel this week working on my next book. Today I want to share one small section which gets at the heart of the premise. It’s a story you may have heard, with a twist…   Although you may have heard the story of the optimist and pessimist who look at […]