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I recently met up with a client. The first thing I noticed was the bandage on his left hand. I asked what happened. He said, “I was looking for a box that contained cloth napkins for a dinner party we were throwing. I went to the garage, remembering that they were in a box on a […]

Imagine two groups of problems solvers. Group #1 is homogeneous. That is, everyone has similar personalities and areas of expertise. Group #2 is diverse and comprises a blend of different styles and experiences. Which group will perform better? In times of crisis and on simpler tasks, Group #1 will always perform better. They “speak the […]

Here’s the transcription of my Monday Morning Movie… This morning I want to talk about the power of positive constraints. In the world of innovation, there seems to be this belief that we’re supposed to let everybody be free thinkers and let them do whatever they want. But, this actually destroys innovation. We need structure. […]

Today’s Monday Morning Movie… We often think of constraints as being something bad. But actually they can be quite beneficial. They can help us get more done work more efficiently. And surprisingly, they can help us be more creative. You can read the transcription here….

An article of mine was just published in the European Business Review. It is a concise summary of my overall innovation philosophy. Here’s the introduction… In today’s fast-paced business environment, the ability to innovate is not enough. You need to innovate efficiently, quickly, and with less risk. Tradition innovation methods, such as asking employees or […]

A potential client asked, “What is the best way to create a culture of innovation?” My response: “Stop calling it innovation!” Innovation has become the word du jour.  Is it important?  Of course.  But the term has been used and abused by so many people that it means nothing. I am seeing a backlash against […]

I recently had a conversation with a colleague who is a professional speaker.  She and her husband are debating if they want to have a child in the near future. She said, “Right now my life is easy and I know if I have a child, it will be a lot more difficult.” The implied […]

I recently gave an hour-long webinar for eCornell and  Over 3,000 people registered for only 1,000 slots, maxing out the system.  Thousands of people were unable to attend, so they made the recording available to everyone. I discussed some of the key concepts from my book, “Best Practices Are Stupid.” Watch this wildly popular […]

The other day, I asked my business manager to follow up with a client about an unpaid invoice.  She contacted the company’s accounts payable department and was told that the invoice was paid on June 1st, 2012. (italics added for emphasis) OK, I have some pretty talented clients, but I don’t think any have mastered […]

For many years, I was a loyal BlackBerry fan.  More accurately I was a CrackBerry addict. A year ago a got a MacBook Pro and six month layer I acquired an iPad.  It felt like I should switch to the iPhone.  But I was not ready for two reasons: I wanted a Verizon phone that could […]

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