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Over the years I have been to a lot of conferences – either as an attendee or as a speaker. At most events, the formal education portions ends by 7pm, usually quite a bit earlier. A banquet or gathering in the bar typically follows. I recently attended a magic convention with 700 magicians. Unlike most […]

In my last post entitled “When you are the best, you should be worried,” I talked about the importance of comparing yourself to the right people (or the right companies). The day after posting it, I saw this cartoon which advocates practicing (specifically for musicians, but it could apply to anyone).

It is that time of year. Many of you will soon be setting your New Year’s Resolutions. But did you know that only 8% of people are always successful in achieving the desired results. 92% fail!

The other day I posted an article about innovation on LinkedIn. I was surprised to find a comment from someone I worked with at Accenture over 15 years ago. To paraphrase, he said… No offence, but I remember at a meeting in London trying to demonstrate to you how (a specific software platform) could be a […]

I am a fan of mysteries. I think they can train the brain to be a better innovator. I’m currently re-reading the complete works of Sherlock Holmes. In “A Study in Scarlet,” Holmes provides some great perspectives that everyone should consider. After Holmes made some amazing deductions about Watson’s current state of affairs, Watson was […]

The other day I posted an article about purposeful tangents that included a video interview with magician Armando Lucero.  If you did not read that article, please sure to do so before reading this video transcription. 

Although I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life to understanding innovation, I no longer attend innovation conferences, unless I am speaking. Also, I read very few innovation books. Why?

You hire a speaker. Everyone leaves the event motivated. And then what? One study shows that immediately after a 10-minute presentation, listeners only remembered 50% of the content! A day later that number dropped to 25%, a week later it was 10%, and as the days passed, everyone forgot everything altogether. Of course, some speeches are […]

I recently received a review copy of Jeremy Gutsche’s “Better and Faster.” Jeremy is the CEO of and the book reflects the quality of the site. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I rarely post (if ever) post book reviews. But I liked this one so much, […]

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